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A parents gets ‘ME Time’ due to this Tiny Egg Shell Racer Video

Like any parent, I need some time to relax and unwind. After watching this Tiny Egg Shell Racer Video, I was convinced that this tiny beauty would keep my kids out of my hair. It was time to test my theory, so I got to work testing it out.

The same night I bought this I opened the package for the kids, popped the batteries into them and sat back and watched to see how they would react. Surprisingly they were beside themselves with excitement. I proceeded to brew a nice cup of tea, turned on the TV and kicked up my feet with the kids where I could watch them. These cars kept them busy for 4 hours till bed time. No running around or screaming, just an occasional,”Dad can you recharge it please?”. Boy was I happy!

Both kids agreed that they love it! They are ages 4 and 6 and they both had no problems understanding how it works. You know how they get frustrated if they can not figure it out. That did not happen with my kids.

If your kids are like mine and I’m sure they have their moments, then this is your best weapon. I believe that every parent should have this tiny RC car in their bag of tricks.

When I introduced it to the kids I made myself the good parent. I told them I had a surprise and held it till they were good, so that earned me bonus free time. If you think this can help you, I found it on Amazon here and it comes in 3 colors.Watch Tiny Egg Shell Racer Video, Buy from Amazon


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