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14 Reasons Why Kids Love This Tiny RC Car

A Tiny Rc Car Fact!

For many kids, especially boys around the age of 8, they start to get a craving for Remote Control cars. However, the big R/C Cars cost an arm and a leg, so here are 14 Reasons Why Kids Love This Tiny RC Car.

The first 5

1) For many of us parents we live in a city and there is never enough room to live let alone have extra toys. The big RC cars are just to big and take way to much space. These tiny rc cars can be used inside with very little room. A room that is 6 foot by 6 foot is plenty of space for these tiny beauties.

2) Kids love this cars because of it’s amazing details and bright coloring on the car. These details make the car feel real which satisfies the craving of having a big RC car.

3) As a parent, we always want the best for our kids, however some of the big RC cars can fetch upwards of $300 for the good ones. Some of the cheaper big rc’s, less than $100 usually last a few weeks, judging by reviews. This little vehicle sells for less than $20 and lasts for months if not years, which should make any parent very happy. After all $20 is about 5-6 cups of coffee in the morning. Are your kids worth it?

4) Any child’s room usually does not have a ton of space. A toy box is about 4 foot in length which does not leave a ton of space for a big RC car, however this car is about 3 inches maximum so its perfect for any place. It’s even so small it can fit in a sandwich bag. How’s that for easy storage. 6339474021392425

5) These tiny RC cars are so popular that children usually want to play with it also. It turns out to be a perfect gift at any party because of its popularity.

And it only gets better…

6) When we talk about big RC’s usually the fancy headlights that work only come on the expensive models. That is where these tiny remote control cars go above and beyond. Each one comes standard with working headlights and back up lights. Wow, what kid doesn’t love lights!

7) Birthday parties are usually a big deal for any child, boy or girl. Kids come to expect to out class the others by receiving a better gift. At a birthday party is the perfect time to have one of these gorgeous cars pop out of a box and make the other kids drool. Your kid will be the hit of the school and you will look like the best parent ever. You might even get a kiss or hug in front of all the other kids, which is sometimes impossible. A big Thank You (Mom/Dad) is almost always a guarantee.

8) One person who reviewed this tiny rc car said,”It was a great gift!! It is so small and it works so nice that I am really enjoying, bought it for cat.” What, what, wait, cat? That’s right, it was bought for a cat and the owner loved it. So to add to our list, it even gives cats great exercise chasing it around the house.

9) One pet peeve of any parent is noise. Always has been. This tiny RC car is exceedingly quiet. Will not wake up another child or even the neighbors. No wining of the motor or big tire noise running across the floor, waking up the neighbors downstairs.

10) Most of the tiny cars usually have a big problem turning. It takes tons of space for it to make a good circle. These rc’s have a very tight turn radius of about 1 foot or less in distance. Makes it even greater for indoor usage.

Last but certainly not the least

11) Aah, the famous one hour charger. Big clunky rc vehicles usually take so much electric that it takes 20 minutes to use up a full charge and takes a charger one hour to recharge. Your son or daughter is then free to bother you for the one hour while it charges. These run on 2 AA batteries which in turn recharge an internal batter. This recharge takes a whopping 45 seconds and it goes for another 10 – 15 minutes. Hows that for keeping a kid occupied.

12) Every kid loves things that are fast and this tiny RC car is no exception. For the little bit of energy it uses it is amazingly fast. Picture a Hot wheels track where it starts on a table and a ramp to the floor. Your kid might even have one of these. The speed it travels is about how fast this car can go. It’s Fast! Your child will love the speed.

13) This is where it gets great from a parents point of view. It takes 2 AA batteries to run it, which was explained. The part that is great is that it takes about a month or more for these batteries to run, so, for about $2.50 a month your giving your kid more fun and they are leaving you alone to have a cup of coffee and relax. Double bonus!

14) Both parents and kids agree in reviews that this car is just way to cute. Your kids will love it for a long time because it appeals to them so much, which makes you the best parent in the world!

So there it is, 14 Reasons Why Kids Love Tiny RC Cars. However, there is only one problem before you purchase this great toy. It does not work on carpets! Now, this does not seem like a great problem so enjoy.

To get one of these great beauties just click here or on the picture of the car you think your child would love the most.

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